Work Hard for a Better Tomorrow!


        Chandramohan Reddy

         Principal, MGIT, HYD

       The B. Tech. Course has a span of four years. The First Year of this course is common to all disciplines irrespective of the nature of prospects that the graduate student will have after he/she graduates out. The core courses will come into curriculum from second year on and so the complete profile of the student will be monitored by the faculty of the Department.

           The course being professional, requires the students to understand both theoretical and practical aspects. The laboratories existing within the Department would make the students lay hands on the equipment that are in accordance with the prescribed curriculum and, also, understanding their operational procedures. If the students have to be more adequate to the advanced, most-happening and the cutting edge technologies that facilitate them turning out to be employment-ready, the design of the curriculum should have Industry-oriented Internships, Mini Projects and Main Projects. During this Work tenure, the students will undergo experiential study in their chosen title. This activity will enable the students witness and understand the recent most technologies and so construct a better tomorrow further. On some occasions, the students will be  made work on the current problem(s) associated with the Industry. The theoretical aspects and approaches understood during their course work come in rescue to sort out the problems. In addition to the managerial skills, these problem-solving abilities will make the students readily get recruited in to their core organizations and model their career well.
           To carry out a project work, the student should be well versed with the fundamental aspects of the work. He/she has to spend at most time in understanding the objective and outcome of the work. The guidance from his/her faculty and supervisors is must. Apart from this, the student has to gather information from all corners of the globe through Internet and referring the proceeding of the held National Level and International Level Conferences on the topic of work.

           Industry and Research Centers play a vital role in the Technological and scientific advancement of a country. They are also in the look out of undergraduate students of high caliber who are analytically and aptitude wise strong. They  will be offered Projects/Internships by these organizations. Basing on the performance and skills obtained during this period, they will be directly recruited in to the organization once they are done with their graduation.
           The students will be recommended by the Department on the basis of their candidature, academic profile, subject knowledge, future planning, self-motivation, leadership capabilities, analytical skills and problem-solving abilities. To look after these things, a committee of senior faculty members will be constituted and a merit list of students will be prepared. In accordance with the merit, the students will be assigned project work at various reputed organizations.
           Almost all the organizations that are being run under Government of India offer projects to the Undergraduate students. Some of State Government Organizations are also involving the undergraduates to carry out their Project work in their places. Reputed Self-Financed Industries absorb the students to work on some of the Industry oriented problems and consequently recruit them.