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       Dr.S. Phani Kumar

     Professor & HOD,CSE


             Amongest all the engineering branches, computer science has been found to be the most popular choice of the students. This branch of engineering is perceived to be popular as it is known to be challenging while offering good career opportunities and remuneration.  Computer Science & Engineering has been the most sought after course in the past few years and well as the current one.

          The branch of Computer Science engineering deals with design, implementation, management of information system of both software and hardware process. A computer scientist specializes in the theory of computation and the design of computational systems.
          Research in Computer Science aims at developing innovative solutions to the most daunting challenges. Computer Science and Engineering has its roots deeply into the research areas like: Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing, Networks, Information Security, Algorithm Analysis, Data Mining, Information Retrieval, bio informatics, neuro-science to name a few.

    Skills to be developed by student

           Computer Engineers will be expected to develop skills in designing high performance system architectures, effective algorithms that reuses the resources in an optimized way, administering huge networks, dedicated servers, financial databases and warehouses, designing fault tolerant applications and systems following best practices, automated agents that do work for the stakeholder, blending mining techniques with data security aspects for fine-level predictions and classifications, developing huge knowledge graphs which helps in finding results to various unanswered questions, animations and graphics that helps in viewing the virtual reality etc.At the completion of this course of engineering, students with these skills enter into the industry and can take a huge leap forward in their respective careers.

    Job Prospects or Career Options

           Computer Science graduates, for getting job opportunities, should have expertise in languages such as C, C++, Java, Operating Systems like Windows and LINUX, various Database Management Systems like Oracle, MySQL, SQL Server, DB2, Sybase etc, Web Designing and technologies like HTML, JSP, ASP.NET, PHP and project management skills etc.

          To boost up the job recruitment process by any individual of these field students additionally need to go for writing various Technical Certification Courses examinations like Oracle Certified Java Programmer (OCJP), Microsoft Certified IT Professional (MCITP), Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA) and Cisco Certified Network Professional (CCNP), Oracle Database Administrator Certified Master (OCM).

        Computer Science and Engineering graduates are offered attractive salaries by various multi-national companies like TCS, Infosys, WIPRO, Tech Mahindra , Google, Yahoo, Amazon, IBM, Facebook, Oracle, Cisco and Microsoft.
          CS Engineers has good scope in Data Analysis jobs offered by Central Government Organizations like CBI, Forensics Department etc. Full time Statistician Government jobs are also asking for CS graduates. Also, DRDL, ISRO, ECIL and BEL are offering jobs. Computer Science and Engineering graduates having a good chance in Web Technology and data handling related jobs offered by various banking industries like UNION Bank, Vijaya Bank, SBH  etc.
           When talked about Inter-Departmental job opportunities, Robotics (Mechanical Engineering), Radar Systems (Electronics and Communication Engineering), Embedded Systems (Electrical and Electronics Engineering), Microprocessors (Electronics and Instrumentation Engineering) are the areas of wider scope.  
    Salary ranges for fresh Computer Engineer would be : 3 – 8  Lakhs INR per year and may be more based upon the skill set and quality.

    Scope for Higher Education

           As a trendy, ever-changing field of Engineering, the education in Computer Science cannot be forcibly halted at the graduation level. Computer Science graduates should and must go for opting various higher degree programmes like M.S. offered by foreign (FULL TIME) as well as Indian Universities through GRE and TOEFL scores, M.Tech. through Entrance Examination popularly called GATE (Graduate Aptitude Test for Engineers), and altogether a different filed, MBA through CAT and GMAT scores.

    Tasks and Responsibilities for Computer Science Engineers        
           They carry out the task of developing algorithms, designing, developing, testing, and maintaining various applications from the industry to the clients. With the available IDEs, Frameworks, Toolkits these engineers develop systems which runs on par with on the fly requests (complexity of any kind) which also talks about merging with other computer science areas. Within one word, “They make Flexible 1s and 0s according to requirements”. This leads to an obvious day-to-day research which no other field offers.
    The following are the major tasks

    • * Continuous Engagement in Research
    • * Design
    • * Development
    • * Maintaining and Modifying
    • * Managing Operations
    • * Servicing
    • * Purchasing and Marketing

            Working collaboratively with system design architects, coding teams, Testing and Debugging teams, continuous interaction with clients, these engineers can deliver the goods within cost and time constrained environments. Also, understanding and ensuring compliance with the best industry practices, quality standards and policies make the industries rely upon our engineers.
    Also, our graduates can choose from design, development and testing fields as their career.

    Some Areas under Computer Science and Engineering

    • * Advanced Databases
    • * Distributed Computing
    • * Distributed Databases
    • * Data Mining & Knowledge Discovery
    • * Artificial Intelligence & Soft Computing
    • * Code Optimization
    • * Digital Image Processing
    • * Distributed Operating System
    • * ERP & Supply Chain Management
    • * Human Computer Interaction
    • * Information Retrieval 
    • * Network Security
    • * Object Oriented Software Engineering
    • * Advanced Computer Architecture
    • * Advanced Data Structures and Algorithms
    • * Advanced Unix Programming 
    • * Bio-Informatics
    • * Computational Geometry 
    • * Fault Tolerant Systems
    • * Machine Learning
    • * Scalable Parallel Computing Architectures
    • * Secured Data Base Application Development
    • * Wireless Networks and Mobile Computing

    Industry Overview
          Computer Science… A much sought after course among the youth leading their way to a software job. Certainly, computer science and Information technology are the addresses of college to company where seats and corresponding jobs are plenty. With the recovery of the software sector from the recent slump, CSE and IT have regained their lost glory and are in demand among the aspirants.

         Though there is great demand for professionals in this field, companies are looking for only the top quality candidates. This could be due to the rapid technological changes that are occurring in the field. A huge requirement in terms of Technology Tutors is also in demand for the Multi National Companies.    

    New Courses and Future Scope
         As already said, continuous updating of subjects as well as technologies is the heart of this branch. Various new courses are available like:

    • * Social Networks and Semantic Web
    • * Cloud Computing
    • * Big Data Analysis
    • * Social Engineering
    • * Budding Research topics: Feature/Aspect level Opinion Mining, Cognitive Radio     Networks
    • * New Topic and Technology: Selenium based Web Applications Testing
            These courses are challenging to work on in the current period and one can guarantee that these courses can be upgraded with a new course altogether in mere future. A challenging area that has its future from now is: Web Science. Also, job opportunities can never be the same as this is the only field that hugely depends on Outsourcing and Revenue Generation.

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