Role of Internals in Engineering Education!

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             Sanjay Kashi
            Asst. Prof., ECE

       In Schools and Intermediate Examinations, the marks scored by the student are evaluated based on the performance in board examinations only. All the assignments, periodical tests conducted by the colleges serve only as a measure of preparation of the students. However, in engineering courses, evaluation of the performance of students is a shared responsibility between the University to which the college is affiliated and the College in which the student is pursuing engineering degree.

    In fact, in all the professional courses, the model of evaluation is the same with varying levels of the shared responsibilities in terms of marks.This model of evaluation of students is adopted in the professional courses mainly because the faculty teaching the subject has the responsibility to prepare the student for employment readiness and internal marks serve as a mechanism of feedback to the faculty about the abilities of the student and his/her level of understanding the subject.                                                                                          Read More.....

    How to Prepare for Exam in Particular Subject?

    The very first thing to address is when to begin:
           You must start the process with at least a full night’s sleep between you and the exam. Your brain needs time to subconsciously digest everything you’ve put into it, so you cannot try to cram it all in an hour or two before the exam. The best time to start the process is between the morning and early afternoon of the day before your exam, a good 24-36 hours prior to the start of the test.

    Now read through the entirety of your notes that will be on the exam:
           If it’s two pages or twenty pages, this is important. It will refresh you on the subject matter and help you remember what you learned. It will also help to make you aware of all the little bits of information and where they are located within your notes so that you know where to find them when you begin to organize the information.                                                                         Read More.....

    Work Hard for a Better Tomorrow!

         The B. Tech. Course has a span of four years. The First Year of this course is common to all disciplines irrespective of the nature of prospects that the graduate student will have after he/she graduates out. The core courses will come into curriculum from second year on and so the complete profile of the student will be monitored by the faculty of the Department.                             Read More.....