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         N M S Desai

    Associate Professor

       HOD,CSE, KITE.

         Deciding to pursue a professional course is an important step in a studentís life. It implies that one has resolved to contribute to the technological growth of the nation in addition to carving out a plan for personal growth in life. Engineering education with all its charm, respect and dignity added with the prospects of early settlement in life, is the most favored professional education.

           However, majority of students who make it to studying B.Tech/B.E., do not plan properly for their studies. It is to be borne in mind that completion of Tenth Class/Metric examination gives eligibility to pursue senior secondary/ Intermediate course. Other than this, class X certificate is useful only to certify oneís date of birth. Similarly, qualifying at Intermediate examination establishes continuity in education apart from making eligible to pursue a higher course. However, this should not be construed as discounting the study of these courses and these courses do not serve any purpose other than the above mentioned ones. The comparison is limited to what a B.Tech can offer to the student once completed. A successful B.Tech can offer a job, a professional career spanning 30-35 years which quite long by any standards. This long period is in fact a life that can be filled with achievements. Hence it is very essential to plan properly for the very four years of B.Tech study. Having a well designed and workable Preparation Plan for B.Tech is more important than entering in to an engineering college. Here are some suggestions on how to make a preparation plan for getting awarded with an employable B.Tech degree in Computer Science & Engineering as well as Information Technology. Except for some minor deviations in career options, the plan is equally applicable for any other branch of engineering.

    a. Set your goals for your career
    Setting goal is the first step in the life. This is what you would like to be. Goals do not remain constant. They need to be revised at regular intervals of time and at different stages of life. As a student, the first goal to set is the percentage with which one intends to pass the course. Although, percentage is not the only criteria to measure one’s abilities, it forms one of the preliminary parameters that give some details about the student regarding his/her perseverance levels, commitment, hard working levels etc. Along with this goal, it also necessary to have an idea of what is planned to be pursued after B.Tech.

    b. Construct a meaningful educational plan
    Constructing a meaningful educational plan which are compatible with their life goals is the next step. This step should clearly give a direction to how one would like to achieve the goal set and how should the B.Tech course be planned to realize this.

    c. How to plan for the percentage to be achieved
            Have a clear picture of the distribution of marks in each subject, i.e., how many for internal/mid examinations, assignments and external examinations. Remember that the higher the marks you score in internals, the easier it is to achieve the target set. Further, it is easy to score more marks in internal assessments as the quantum of syllabus is less and it is evaluated by the faculty handling the subject itself in most of the cases. For example the following table illustrates marks needed to be scored for different internal marks scored to achieve a target of 80 marks in a subject. It I assumed that the distribution of internal marks to external marks is 25 and 75 respectively. It is seen that a comfortable level in internal examinations keeps one in safe zone and goal realizable zone in overall result in the subject as well.

    d. Make a workable time table
            Making a time table is the most important step to give a shape to realize the goals to achieve the targeted percentage in B.Tech. The time table should include the time schedule of reading the class text books, making detailed notes of the brief points made in the class during the lectures, revising them at regular intervals, and if possible, get them corrected by the faculty handling the subject. A simple plan can be something like this.

    This time table is proposed for a daily study time of 3 hours and following assumptions.
              i. Return time form college        : 6.00 pm
              ii. Study time starts at             : 7.00 pm
              iii. Slot allocation for studying    : Evenings
              iv. Normal sleeping hours           : 6-7 hours a day
              v. Total Number of subjects       : 6 theory subjects

    Some suggestions

    i. Identify the subjects as easy, not so easy, and difficult subjects. This is purely based on individual’s level of understanding of the subjects. Try not to get influenced by any other including friends or faculty. Faculty may be asked advice.
    ii. Make the time table with for study with the combination of a difficult and easy subject. Do not fill two slots on a day with two tough subjects. This is a good combination for a successful study plan
    iii. Give one long duration and one short duration slots for each subject. Use the short duration slot for only revision of what was studied in the previous slot.
    iv. Complete the assignments in the free slots available in the college time table. But do not compromise on the sports slots. Playing sports refreshes the mind as well as works as a stress relieving mechanism.
    v. Avoid watching TV particularly music channels as they eat-up time even without notice.

    vi. Normally lab experiments can be completed in two periods. Use the third period of the lab session to complete the record work. This ensures that no work is pending in the lab and also ensures automatic preparation for the lab internal examinations.
    vii.Two hours per week with half-an-hour revision on a regular basis does not require any special preparation for examination. Only revision is enough during the examinations.
    viii..A suitable time table can be made for studying in the early morning or a combination of morning-evening study hours.
    ix. A different time table is required to be made to accommodate for the special coaching being taken for GRE/GATE etc. A strong advice is not to compromise with the B.Tech subjects.

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