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             Prof. K.Lakshmi Prasad
          Principal, GITAM, Visakapatnam

       Jimmy Carter, Neil Armstrong, Alfred Hitchcock…. How many people would be able to put a finger on the common denominator in these three personalities who are poles apart? Very few would know that the President of the U.S.A, an astronaut and a film maker have their roots in the engineering stream before having established themselves in their respective positions. From the flying machine of the Wright brothers to the Stealth bombers, the astounding pace of the scientific sophistication of the modern world

          can be attributed to the creativity and ingenuity of many. This ubiquitous quality is the driving force behind the many wonders in the world. For the people having this imaginative ability, engineering is the right stream for honing their skills. The stream of engineering would supplement and compliment to build better and strong world. Innovative ideas coupled with analytical abilities – the essence of engineering education helps to bring in safety, health, happiness and welfare to the general public.
    Engineering education provides ample opportunities / avenues for a promising future both in India and abroad.  From cryogenics to core industry, any and every field embraces engineers, as their judgments, decisions and practices incorporated into structures, machines, products, processes and devices help in improving the existing system and build new ones. Engineers make and move, run and rule the world. Being a part of this elite engineering stream, throws open all doors keeping one on the top of the world with the sky as a limit.

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