Focus on Content and Presentation..

            Prof. K.Lakshmi Prasad
     Principal, GITAM, Visakapatnam

     An engineer in his career will be called upon many occasions to communicate/ express his ideas succinctly. Researching, writing and presenting a paper which is a concise and precise document, describing the body of technical work, provides students with invaluable early experience and lays a platform to improve their written and verbal communication skills.

     There are different kinds of technical papers like literature review papers, research papers, journal papers, conference papers and so on. As such a student has to keep in mind the genre of the paper and choose a unique topic within the theme. Then he/ she should gather the background material from books or internet. The core of the paper may be jotted down using keywords while browsing through the content. While explaining the same it is essential to focus on content and presentation. Command over language and vocabulary helps a great deal in producing a polished or a refined paper.

      The paper thus going to be presented must have a suitable title, followed by an abstract of 100 – 150 words highlighting the key words of the paper. The main paper should contain sections like introduction, review of previous work, proposed work
(algorithm, design, and methodology), analysis of work, results and conclusion. Such papers will help the student to make his mark.

     Thus paper presentation makes the students adept in pooling, processing and presenting information in a novel way enhancing their effective communication. A resume / C.V. with more number of paper presentation certificates will lend a hand to the candidate in securing the desired job / position as he/ she will be better equipped at self presentation.

Presentation of Technical Papers


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     To make one appreciate what formal writing style is and how formal paper presentations are made.Writing a paper is a lot like Chip Design. You need Conceptualization, Floor planning and Layout, Interconnections, DRC & ERC, Testing.

What is a technical paper?

Technical paper is a brief and to-the-point document which describes a body of technical work.There are many types of technical papers
* Original research papers
* Survey papers
* Journal papers
* Conference papers
* Letters
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