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  • ఆప్టిట్యూడ్‌.. ఆటిట్యూడ్‌ అంతా అందులోనే!



         ఫలానా కంపెనీ మిమ్మల్ని ఉద్యోగానికి ఎంపిక చేయకపోతే, అందులో మీ తప్పు ఉండకపోవచ్చు. ఎందుకంటే ఆ సంస్థకు మీ అవసరం లేదేమో! ... కానీ ఉద్యోగం మీకు అవసరం అయినా కూడా మీరు ఎంపిక అవ్వటంలేదంటే మాత్రం అది మీ లోపమే! మీరింకా ఆ ఎంపిక ప్రక్రియను సరిగ్గా అవగాహన చేసుకోలేదని అర్థం. అందుకే ...క్యాంపస్‌ నియామకాల తీరుతెన్నులకు అనుగుణంగా విద్యార్థులు తమను తాము మలుచుకోవటం చాలా ముఖ్యం. అదెలాగో చూద్దామా?

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    Changes in the recruitment process


    Prof. M.Potharaju, PhD
    GITAM University.


         The recruitment process depends on the type of company conducting the recruitment. The process followed by IT companies is different from that of Core companies. The process adopted by the IT companies is slightly changed during the last two years due to the recession in industry and due to the type of services which they undertake. The main companies in IT sector follows a three phase screening process.

              Performance in the written examination
               Performance in the technical round
              Performance in the HR round
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    Master yourself in Networking !

             Bygone are the days when one searched for job opportunities in newspapers or TV advertisements and posted ones bio data, mostly hand written or regular one page printed copy usually bought from shops and await for weeks and months for a reply from a single company.
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    Steps for shifting into the technical world..

             To find and absorb worthy candidates, all top organizations conduct written tests (both online and off line) to analyze students’ ability in verbal, analytical and subject skills. Majority of the software companies conduct only verbal and analytical test (Ex. TCS, WIPRO, INTERGRAPH etc.), where as a few organizations like Microsoft, Google, Mind tree, Accenture etc., organize tests based on coding/programming along with analytical tests.
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    The Process of Campus Placement !

             Campus placement or campus interview is organized in any educational institution for providing jobs to the aspiring students. Sometimes off campus drives will also be conducted where the aspiring students are taken to the industries. In present day educational system, Training & Placement Cell is playing a pivotal role in providing placements.
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  • Seven Commandments for Success in Interviews
             Campus Interview is what one looks forward to with enthusiasm, fear and excitement towards the beginning of the final year or end of third year For some it’s a make or break, atleast that’s the way it’s looked at and for some it’s a matter of pride. The constant thought in one’s mind is what shall make this click!
    What is it that the interviewer is looking in me!
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