Sir. I am pursuing B.Tech in ECE. My dream is to pursue MS in US. I heard that people who have completed courses regarding to Electronics, Communication getting less opportunities. Is this true. If I am change to Computer Science, can I get good opportunities.
    There are Vast opportunities in USA for students who completed MS in Tele Communication, Microwave Communication, Robotics, Defense, Radio Communication, TV broadcasting, Telegraphy & Telephony, VLSI design, DSP, Wireless Communication. But comparatively you have n number of job opportunities for Computer Science back ground students. This doesn't mean that there are less jobs for Electronics students.
    If your back ground is ECE, it is better to apply for MS in the same field. It causes high admission success as well as VISA success. Unlike other countries you have a choice to change your program into Computer Science.
    Sir, Please suggest me some revolutionized projects for ECE final year.
    At B.Tech level, you get about 250 hours available to do a project. This is too less a time to bring in any revolution. To identify the problem and define it exactly, it requires about 45 to 50 hours. Then literature survey requires about 30 to 40% of the time. This leaves you barely 100 to 125 hours for designing, execution, testing and reporting the project work. Keeping this in view, at B.Tech level, the best revolution you can expect in projects is implementing a concept proposed in the referred journal. Alternatively, you can approach any NGO where real innovation takes place in terms of adapting the technology to use of the deserving poor. You develop zaa solution or at least a prototype of the solution. You are not judged on the basis of how innovative project you have done but on the basis of how innovatively you have done it.
    There are so many student level projects available on the websites of IBM, MICROSOFT. You can download those problems and implement them. You may also upload your project work to these companies. Chances are good that you may also get placed in them. So these companies make the tools needed also available for free download. One Bangalore based Organization UNISOFT that has its office in Ameerpet specializes in IEEE Projects implementation.
    Hello Sir,This is Santosh, I have completed with ECE in 2008 with distinction. From past 4 years I am working as a asst. professor in one of the engineering college, now I am planning to enter into the software industry on oracle pl/sql domain so please let me know where can I get a chance to do real time projects on oracle pl/sql? and also let me know how is the future for sales force ?
    It is possible for you to get into industry in database administration if you have undergone training in any of the databases. If your interest is in Oracle, it is strongly advised that you approach SQL STAR PLUS in Begumpet. Along with that it is highly recommended that you get certification as Oracle Certified Professional. This organization is approached by many organizations for recruiting the trained people. It is also recommended that you get exposed to open databases like mysql also.
    Coming to the second part of your question, Salesforce is a CRM Company that has enterd into social engineering, specializing in (Software as a Service (SaaS) in Cloud computing domain providing services. It provides CRM services in several segments like Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Data Cloud, Collaboration Cloud and Custom Cloud. It also facilitates migration from legasy databases through various third party tools. It is expected that business on Cloud will grow many folds in the near future. It is right time to get trained in this new domain and make your career.
    Sir, I am pursuing 4th year of 5 year dual degree in ECE. I would like to do MBA in abroad but my parents felt that MBA don't have future and want me to enter in PSU by GATE. I am confused. Please give your suggestion.
    In regards to your question, we would be able to let you know the advantages of studying abroad and particularly addressing your interest in MBA.
    If you Study in abroad you will get the world wide recognized qualification, which directly leeds excellent career opportunity. As most of the fortune 500 companies are based abroad.
    Pursuing MBA abroad would give a student practical knowledge, better work opportunities and options for permanent resident in countries like Canada, Australia and New Zealand. UK would also be giving a one year open work permit to 1000 MBA s after the successful completion of the course, A student can pursue MBA in abroad at a very reasonable cost.
    So if you are looking for a better settlement, its better that you do an MBA overseas.
    I am from Kakinada. I have completed MBA in 2013. I have done project work on "Working Capital Management". I am seriously trying for jobs from past 4 months. I have attended interviews wearing formal dress and answered all the questions they have asked. They are asking reference. I have selected for HDFC, Hyundai in capmus placements. But they didn't offered any job. I have to make justice for my parents. Please give solution.
    From the question it appears that you are desperate to repay your parents because of which you are getting tensed. Interview is not an examination hall where questions are answered. It appears that you feel nervous in interview room. You being an MBA, are expected to demonstrate the confidence levels you have at the time of interview. A small correction is required to be initiated by you. Let your confidence speak in the interview rather than your need for job.
    The second approach demonstrates that you are dependent on the system while the first
    approach demonstrates that you want to help the system while getting help from it. Formal dress is one part of your attire. Body language, is all the more important is for getting a job. Also, consider trying jobs for any place with an open mind.
    Refer Placements category in (Engineering Homepage) for interview tips.. Below is the particular url..
    Friends suggesting me to learn Quality Control. Please give the information about courses on it. And please explain about job opportunities in Singapore.
    International certifications in software improve your employment opportunities in foreign countries. If you have interest in software line, get certified in JAVA (Sun Certification) or Oracle Certification or Microsoft Certifications or any other internationally valid certification depending on your interest. If you have interest in quality control, you may look for jobs as Quality Control Manager, IT quality assurance.
    Some of the courses ECE students are eligible are:
    a) IT Quality Assurance offered by Jamanlal Bajaj Institute of Management Studies,
    b) Diploma in Certified Quality Manager offered by Sanjay Educational Academy,
    c) PG Diploma in Oil & Gas Petrochemicals QA QC Systems offered by Sanjay Educational, Academy, Hyderabad
    d) Diploma I Quality Assurance and ISO 9000 offered by International Council for
    Management Studies, Chennai
    e) PG Diploma in Quality Management Systems (TQM) offered by Sanjay Educational
    Academy, Hyderabad
    f) Certificate in Quality Assurance Quality Control Engineering offered by Qualimations,
    g) ISO 9000 Lead Auditor course by Engineering Staff College of India, Gachibowli,
    h) Diploma in Statistical Quality Control offered by Indian Statistical Institute, Street No 8,Habsiguda, Hyderabad.
    i) Certificate in SIX SIGMA offered by Benchmarks 6ix Sigma, Banjara Hills Hyderabad
    All these offer courses varying from 4 to 6 months. You may try to go to Singapore once you are qualified and certified.
    I am pursuing 4th year. I want to settle in govt. sector. Please give the details about the opportunities I have...? I am a average student.. Which is better to me...?
    Everyone wants to settle in job immediately after the education is over. You do not have control over the government jobs. Notifications are released by government organizations based on vacancy positions. There are several opportunities for you in government sector. Every Public Sector recruits Management Trainees in Engineering disciplines. For some of them, you should have cleared GATE exam. Some more jobs which you are eligible for are DRDO, ISRO, NRSA, Banks etc. For a good understanding on the job opportunities you have, read the article on career opportunities for ECE candidates in engineering portal. Look for advertisements of these organizations in leading News paper, Employment News.
    Dear Sir, I have completed (E.C.E ) in 2011. I am working in the field of condition monitoring Since September 2011. I don't have job satisfaction because this field doesn't have good growth for E.C.E as it is mostly related to mechanical. Please give your suggestion.
    There are no good or bad jobs as such. Job prospects are good in any field provided you update yourself from time to time. Your graduation helps you in fetching a job. Further growth depends on you as to how you become master at what you do. In the line of condition monitoring, two forms af testing are done viz., predictive maintenance for such equipment as pumps,. IC engines, while the other form is by way of periodical maintenance for such equipment as steam boilers, heat exchangers etc. Most of the analysis equipment use FFT and DFT which ECE graduates are familiar with. You can plan your growth in this instrumentation line also, which is very rewarding provided you get good control over the working principles of the instruments you encounter. There are big companies doing business this line also. If you want to change your line, first identify the line in which you would like to make your career. Then train yourself in a suitable course that gives a better chance of getting a job. You may go through the article on career opportunities for ECE on this portal.
    I am Vydehie. I am pursuing MBA, Finance.. I would like to get a job in good manufacturing company or in a production department. May I know what kind of plans I have make to get succeed?
    With your qualification, a job in finance line suits you better. Get trained in Oracle Financials of any other ERP financials part. You stand better chances of getting job. Do take care to identify a good training institute for you that gives you ample lab time and placement drives. You may also check with SQL Star in Begumpet, Hyderbad.
    Dear sir, I completed my and preparing for POs. What are the documents should be submitted at the time of interview? unfortunately I lost my T.C. (transfer certificate) incase if I get selected for POs interview is it necessary to submit TC?
    You require TC to be submitted only if you go for higher studies. Employment does not require TC. Having all the documents is very essential. To get a duplicate TC, approach the institution you studied last and get to know the procedure for obtaining a duplicate TC. Mostly you may require a Police Verification Certificate. Also, obtain a Migration Certificate from the University you have studied. It may also be useful in future if you intend to go for higher studies. Any job involves the verification of all the Qualification Certificates you have done at the time of reporting to the job.
    I have completed (CSE) in 2011. I am searching for jobs. Please explain about Cloud Computing Course. And give the information on best institutions offering that course in Hyderabad.
    Cloud computing refers to describe a variety of different types of computing concepts that involve a large number of computers connected through a real-time communication network such as the Internet. Cloud computing is a synonym for distributed computing over a network and means the ability to run a program on many connected computers at the same time. It is also used to refer to network-based services which appear to be provided by real server hardware, which in fact are served up by virtual hardware, simulated by software running on one or more real machines. Such virtual servers do not physically exist and can therefore be moved around and scaled without affecting the end use. It is expected that all future business will be on cloud only. The following are some of the institutes in Hyderabad offering training on Cloud Computing. You can plan your career in either hardware line or Software line for Cloud computing. Visit the organizations, find for yourself whether ample lab time is provided or not, infrastructure is available or not and then join the course.
    a) Unimatics Software Solutions Pvt. Ltd. in Ameerpet
    b) JAGSAR International in Banjara Hills
    c) Kernel Technologies in Ameerpet
    d) Peers Technologies Pvt. Ltd. in Ameerpet
    e) Adept Technology Pvt. Ltd. in Panjagutta
    f) Arrowsol Solutions in Ameerpet
    g) Computech Info Solutions in K.P.H.B. Colony
    h) Mobbisys in Ameerpet
    i) Kelly Technologies, Ameerpet,
    j) Indian Institute of Hardware Technology
    k) Inspire IT labs, Ameerpet
    l) CMS Computer Institute, Secunderabad
    m) Ananth Soft Solutions, Ameerpet
    Sir, I am studying final year in Mechanical Stream. Can you suggest me which is best to thing to do after my to get a job in any Organization related to manufacturing as I am very much interested in it.
    Mechanical Engineering is undoubtedly the oldest branch of engineering and many opportunities exist in this line. Read the article on career opportunities for Mechanical Engineers on the following portal.
    Identify the subjects that interest you and identify the line of subjects in which you have interest. Many PSUs and other government organizations require Mechanical engineers as Management Trainees. If you are interested in government jobs, qualify in GATE exam for recruitment in PSU. Other government organizations that require mechanical engineers in large numbers include Indian Railways, RTC and APPSC for industries department, An upcoming area with huge job potential is nanotechnology and mechatronics. You may also plan a specialized course in these. Approach CITD for special courses for Mechanical Engineers.
    Some of the top recruiters of mechanical engineers include the following:
    · Automobile and auto part manufacturers
    · Aerospace industry
    · Aviation companies
    · Steel plants
    · Thermal plants and gas turbine manufacturers
    · Air conditioning and refrigeration industry
    · Shipping industry
    · Engineering consultancies
    · Armed forces
    It is advised that you get a PG qualification for a brighter future. Further, as a fresher, showcase better communication skills and attitude to work. These two play a major role in getting employment.
    Respected sir, I am completed with EEE, but I am interested to do MSc in Physics. Is there any chances to do MSc in Physics.
    Doing PG in any courses requires at least two years of study of that subject at
    undergraduate level. You can not pursue M.Sc. Physics with B.Tech as your qualification. However, there is another route for this. Some universities give admissions to B.Tech students to pursue Research work if they have done exceptionally well in B.Tech in terms of research skills. You may pursue research work in Applied Physics area. Checkout the websites of Indian Institute of Science ( and Indian Institute of Science and Education Research ( for further details regarding eligibility. Also, follow the website to find out eligibility in each of the Institutes listed there.
    Dear Sir/ Madam, I have completed diploma in civil engineering with 90%. I want to do computer science. Is it possible or not? If possible please provide the procedure to get admission in CSE.
    You are eligible to pursue B.Tech in CSE or IT. You have to qualify in the entrance exam conducted for diploma holders for admission into engineering courses (ECET-FDH). Look for notification in all the leading news papers around March/April. Once you qualify, you will have to seek admission into II year I semester directly under lateral entry scheme in any of the private engineering colleges. There will be separate counseling for ECET candidates.
    Respected Sir, My self VamshiKrishna, I completed my engineering in EEE and trained from NPTI. Presently working in power sector. I want to know the details about BEE (Bureau of Energy Efficiency) like procedure to get this certificate, carrier and future growth after getting this certificate.
    Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE) is a statutory body of Government of India constituted to audit the enerby conservation measures adopted by industries. As per the Energy Conservation Act, 2001, it is mandatory for all the energy intensive industries to get their energy consumption audited by Accredited Energy Auditor/ Manager. BEE conducts Certification examination to certify every year. National Productivity Council organizes these examinations on behalf of BEE in Ahmedabad, Bangalore, Bhopal, Bhuvaneswar, Chandigarh, Chennai, Dehradun, Delhi, Goa, Gouhati, Hyderabad, Jaipur, Kanpur, Kolkata, Mumbai, Nagpur, Patna, Raipur, Thiruvananthapuram, Vadodara.
    Paper - 1: General Aspects of Energy Management & Energy Audit
    Paper - 2: Energy Efficiency in Thermal Utilities
    Paper - 3: Energy Efficiency in Electrical Utilities
    Paper - 4: Energy Performance Assessment for Equipment & Utility Systems
    a) For the Certification of Energy Managers, the candidate has to appear in Three Papers
    viz., Paper-1, Paper-2 and Paper-3
    b) For the Certification of Energy Auditors, the candidate has to appear in all the above Four Papers and Viva-Voce Examination.
    The eligibility for these examinations are as follows
    The eligibility for these examinations are as follows:
    Candidates should possess any one of the following qualifications:
    a) A Graduate Engineer or equivalent with 3 years of work experience.
    b) M.Tech/M.E. or equivalent with 2 years of work experience.
    c) Graduate Engineer with Post Graduate Degree in Management or equivalent with 2 years of work experience.
    d) Diploma Engineer or equivalent with 6 years of work experience.
    e) Post Graduate in Science with 5 years of work experience.
    Candidates should possess any one of the following qualifications:
    a) A Graduate Engineer or equivalent with 3 years of work experience.
    b) M.Tech /M.E or equivalent with 2 years of work experience.
    c) Graduate Engineer with Post Graduate Degree in Management
    However, the certificate will be awarded only on acquiring the requisite experiences and passing viva voce examination if required. As regards the career and future for energy auditors, the future is very bright. With government emphasizing on energy self reliance, many private sectors generating power, there is need for this power to qualitative and fluctuation free. Also, government of India has many international collaborations in this direction. Accredited Auditors/ Managers play a vital role in conducting audit of energy consumed by heavy industries and ensure that the power is conserved. You can go ahead with certification exam.
    My daughter is a B.Tech (CSE) and is working in a reputed firm since 6 years as SWE. She wants to change from IT field into someother best fetching. Please give your advice.
    It appears that something did not go well with your daughter as per your expectations. What exactly do you mean by best fetching. More over you have written about your daughter. What does your daughter feel about her career? In her opinion, where does she stand now? Many a times job looks stagnant if it gets routine or it leads to restlessness. To grow higher in profession, qualification plays an important role, particularly after gaining some experience. It is important to know what your daughter wants to be and do. She may take a sabbatical and pursue either MBA or M.Tech. and think of changing line in such a way that her experience adds to her value. At this point of time, it is not advised to change line that could reset her six long years of journey in profession. It is strongly advised that she meet a career counselor. To help her better.
    I have completed B.Tech in ECE. How to prepare for Engineering (Gazetted Officer). Could you tell me the syllabus also..
    It is not clear as to what do you mean by Gazetted Officer. As a matter of fact, all Engineers in the government jobs are gazette officers. To be gazette officer, you may appear for Group I posts.
    Sir, I am manjusha studying 3rd B.Tech ECE from JNTUK. Please give me the details and syllabus for entrance exam CDAC for ECE.
    CDAC conducts the following courses for B.Tech ECE students. You are eligible to Appear for the CDAC examination if you have 55% or above in B.Tech.
    * Diploma in Embedded Systems Design (DESD)
    * Diploma in System Software Development (DSSD)
    * Diploma in Advanced Business Computing (DABC)
    For details on these courses and admission notifications, please visit the website
    The syllabus for ECE exam will contain General Aptitude, Computer Organization and Operating Systems, Data Structures and Algorithms and any 2 optional papers. The optional papers include Computer Networks, Database Management, Java Technology, Object Oriented Programming and C++, Software Engineering and Web Technology.
    Sir have completed M.Tech in Communication and Signal Processing. I want to join in core companies. Please tell me in which type of companies I can get jobs and what type of courses I have to learn.
    There are a number of companies that recruit Communications and signal; Processing engineers. This includes both government and private companies. It is not possible to list all of them. Government Organizations include DRDO, ISRO, HAL, BSNL, MTNL, Defense Services etc. Look for the notifications form these organizations in Employment News. Some companies in the core communications group include the following:
    * Reliance Communications Ltd. * Bharti Airtel Limited * Idea cellular * Tata communication services * Ntt docome * AT&T verizon * CISCO Systems India Pvt. Ltd. * Datacraft India Limited * Mahindra-British Telecom * Bharti Airtel Limited * Siemens communications * KPIT Cummins Infosystems Limited * iGATE Global Solutions Ltd. * Texas Instruments India Pvt. Ltd. * Samsung India Electronics Ltd. * Epson India Pvt. Ltd. * Perot Systems TSI (India) Limited * Tata Teleservices * Vodafone * Sasken Communication Technologies * Siemens Information Systems Ltd. * Atlanta IT Solutions Pvt. Ltd. * TATA Interactive Systems * Persistent Systems Pvt. Ltd. * Nokia * Space Communications & Electronics * Sun Microsystems India Pvt Ltd. * Celetronix India Pvt. Ltd. * Astra Microwave Ltd. Most of these companies recruit through off-campus placement drives. You can apply for them.
    Sir, I am pursuing fourth year of C.S.E branch with CGPA 8.18. Can we apply for off campus placements for companies such as Infosys,Wipro and other IT companies in seventh semester or in eight semester?
    Many of the companies have been recruiting through campus drives. You have to understand that they have a formulated policy of recruiting fresh engineering graduates into the organization. If you are studying in Andhra Pradesh and your college has registered in JKC, it may be of some help to you. Alternatively, you may go for any certification program like JCP so that you stand better chances of getting recruited when you apply.
    Good luck to you
    Dear sir, I am graduate. I have completed B.Tech (E.C.E) in 2008 with 64 percent.Now I am a housewife but I am not satisfied with this life. I want to do the job in software field, but i have problem to do the job i.e I am a Telugu medium student upto 10th class, after that I have completed my studies in English medium, but I am very much scared about to talk in English. Here the problem is i felt I am a Telugu medium student so that i can't speak good English. I don't know whether I am speaking good English or not? After my marriage I have wasted my carrier. There is a big gap in my c.v. How can I clear that one. Is there any chance for me to do job. Please give suggestions for me.
    Industries categorize candidates into different categories based on experience and age like . 0 to 2 years, 2+ to 5 years, 5+ to 8 years and so on. It is also important that you be at the right age for the right kind of job you are seeking. They take care that no problems arise because of age difference between colleagues. So you may not make a headway in your pursuit to enter into a professional industry. However, some companies do not care for these things as long as as they can be assured that work is completed to their satisfaction. Coming to the second part of your communication, more than the language, it is the conscious feeling you have about your Telugu medium background that is causing more damage to you. You had six long years of education in English medium as well. Look at that strength and try to use your English more effectively. Apparently, you need some improvement in formal communication which is very important for a professional career. Go for training in spoken and written communication skills. Approach institutes like Ramakrishna Math, Osmania University etc.
    Another career opportunity for you: You may contemplate on learning a foreign language lie German, French, Japanese etc. and get a translator job in IT industry. This line is also very good. A final word of advice: Please do not use negative words that may harm you. Keeping your mind in positive frame is very important for you to be successful. Your language problem is not unique to you. You are one among many who have this problem. What is required is a little bit of planned home work from your side.
    Sir, I have Applied for the post of management trainee in Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (technical). I completed B.Tech (ECE) in 2012. Please suggest some websites where i can get the previous solved papers of HAL if not give me Suggestions to clear the exam.
    Generally, no organization keeps its recruitment related papers on website. What you may get are some reconstructed questions that some of the candidates who have taken the test recollect and share with others. They serve you only as preliminary information and they are not exhaustive in nature.
    What you require is a strong fundamentals based approach to succeed in these examinations. However, to get a feel of these papers, you may visit the following sites.
    Sir, I am studying B.Tech 3rd year in ECE branch. I would like to know the employment opportunities in the field of ECE. I am trying to do MS in US. I want to join DRDO. Is it possible to join after completing MS. What are the posts I can get in DRDO. What is suitable branch in MS. Please give details..
    Read the article on career opportunities for ECE graduates on this portal.
    To improve your job opportunities in DRDO, it is better to pursue your education in communications line. Opportunites are equally good whether you do MS or not. If you are good at your subject and get recruited in DRDO. You may acquire higher qualifications through DRDO only. You may be sponsored to do M.Tech and Ph. D from IITs also.
    Sir, now my age is 35 yrs. Now I wants to do the computer networking course. Could I get the job opportunities in this field? Sugest me the job oriented courses according to my qualification & age. I am a graduate.
    First, answer yourselves as to why you want to do networking course now. Is it that somebody told you that this line is good? Or did you find this line interesting? Do you have any familiarity with networks? Learning Networking requires lot of patience and logical thinking. As regards the answer to your question, you can get job provided you get certified in networking line like MCSE, CCNA etc. It is strongly suggested that you pursue the course from reputed training institutes only. The premium you pay for the training is more than compensated by the placement help they provide in good and reputed organizations. It is suggested that you pursue course from an institute that is also a pro-metric centre.
    Respected sir, I completed my B.Tech with ECE with 65%. I want to do my post graduation. Either MBA or M.Tech which course is better to me and which course have more job opportunities. I have interest in corporate sector.
    It is better to pursue MBA if your interest is in corporate sector and you are looking for a management related career. Think of new avenues in MBA specialization if you want to use your technical knowledge of. B.Tech also.
    Sir this is Hema from Mumbai.. I am completed in Mumbai. I want to do WEB DESIGN & DEVELOPMENT PROGRAM (WDP) Course. Please give information and scope of this course.
    Web development is a good course. Do a course that covers HTML5/ CSS and a database. Get Microsoft certifications also in these for improving your employability opportunities. Identify a Microsoft authorized training centre and get trained.
    Respected sir I have completed graduation (B.TECH), I want to do a PG in statistics I am eligible or not?
    You can not do as doing PG in statistics requires a degree that has statistics for at least two years.
    Respected Sir, I Completed B.Tech in ECE in 2012. I got selected as a graduate apprentice (ECE)- trainee for HAL, Hyderabad for a period of 1 year. A certificate will be provided after completion of this apprenticeship, with a monthly stipend of Rs.3,560. I want to know my career pportunities after completion of this apprenticeship.
    You are eligible for all the government posts for which B.Tech ECE is the prescribed qualification. Identify Organizations that match your one year’s experience and apply for them. You stand preference over others as you have completed apprenticeship as well. You can apply for a job of your interest and get employed. You should be able to demonstrate what you have learnt in this one year.
    I am completed (ECE) from 2011. I am learning ibmdb2dba course. But till now I can't get any interview calls. I am decide to put the experienced resume. Tell me whether my decision is correct or not.
    The institute you have undergone training could be helping you in seeking a job for you. Today it is not possible to get a job with fake experience certificates. Genuinely of the experience claimed by you can be easily traced. If you are an employee then the organization must have paid profession tax in your name. Almost it has become mandatory now for all the companies to give salaries through banks accounts only. So, only certificate but not other details of your salary account and no information about profession tax means your certificate is not genuine. There are instances where organizations have terminated the services of employees who entered by this method.
    Register yourself at the following consultants who specialize in placing db2 DBAs
    1. Sampoorna Computer People, Bengalore
    2. Iquest Consultants, Bengalore
    3. BH Services, Chennai, Hyderabad
    4. Teamware Solutions (quantum leap consulting)
    5. Magna Infotech, Gurgaon/ Bengalore
    6. Axis2Consult. - Chennai, Tamil Nadu
    7. Clairvoyant Tech Soft Private Ltd - Chennai
    8. Anthroplace Consulting Private Limited
    9. Best Infosys tems Ltd - Delhi
    Dear Sir.. Is a candidate belongs to MME Branch has the chance to write ESE exam. Which category do we select.
    Any engineering Graduate is eligible to take Engineering Services Exam. However, exams are conducted in the following categories only. You can choose to take exam in one of them only.
    (a) Civil Engineering
    (b) Mechanical Engineering
    (c) Electrical Engineering and
    (d) Electronics & telecommunication Engineering
    Being MME student, you may be comfortable with Mechanical Engineering Stream.
    Which book I have to refer for best results in engineering drawing for first year ?
    Read the article on the importance of EDP for different engineering branches in this portal. The url for this article is
    It is very clearly written how one should prepare for engineering drawing. Following books are very useful in learning. Although books are primary sources learning, a lot depends on your thinking abilities.
    a) Engineering Drawing by ND Bhatt
    b) Engineering Drawing by Basanth Agrawal & CM Agrawal
    c) Engineering Drawing by Jolhe publishers: Tata Mc Graw Hill. It contains some good practical hints as well.
    d) Engineering Drawing and Autocad by K , Publishers: New Age International Venugopal. This book gives a systematic account of basic principles
    Sir, actually I was allotted Power Engineering seat in GMRIT College. But I don't have interest on it. Whether there is any possible way for me to change my branch after completion of first year?
    You have not mentioned in which year you have taken admission. If it is this year only, you have a chance to withdraw your admission and seek admission in another college. If you have fees reimbursement, you may not be eligible if you join under Management quota. There is no chance to change the branch after one year of study. You will have to forego your admission in Power engineering if you do not like it. Remember, you should be very clear in your aims. You had given an alternative choice at the time of availing your right of giving the options in web options. It was your conscious choice to opt for this course also. You may have had other preferences. After having completed one year of study, at the best, you can change the college by seeking transfer to another college that is offering this course. By the way, it a very good and very specialized course that trains you for energy sectors with emphasis on power plants. There are no good or bad courses. It all depends on how you prepare in the subject. Future is very bright for this course, particularly in the light of so many power stations coming up in the private sector and energy demands growing day by day. What you need to do is take interest in the subject, interact with your faculty and also be in constant touch with various forums like this. Have a clear focus, invest all your efforts and complete the course. You have three more years before you become eligible for employment. Our advice to you is to go ahead with this course and specialize in Power Systems or Power Electronics for a brighter future.
    Sir, recently i joined in B.Tech CSE. Can I start preparation for GATE exam from the first year itself?. If yes, what I have to do?
    You can prepare for GATE exam from very first year of your Engineering course. You make a plan of study as written in the article “Preparation Plan for B.Tech CSE” in this portal. The web portal for this article is
    If you plan well, you can take the exam very confidently and be successful as well.
    You have to make a perfect plan to study B.Tech as well as GATE preparation. Also, go to your college library and have a look at the GATE previous question papers book to get a first hand information about the standard of the questions. However, it is advised that you plan from your second year onwards as the number of subjects in the first year is too many.
    Dear sir, I am completed diploma in mechanical engineering and presently I am doing a job in ITC Ltd. I want to do while doing job. Can you please tell me, how to do? Am I eligible to apply for govt. jobs with B.Tech degree?
    JNTU offers B.Tech in correspondence through its affiliated colleges for working employees. You have get selected through an entrance exam. Normally the advertisement is released around March every year. Look for notification in all the leading news papers. Some organizations insist that your B.Tech should have been pursued in full time only. Please take care of this aspect. A good way of getting answer for this question is to find out from your organization only. Alternatively, you can pursue AMIE which is equivalent to B.Tech for all the government jobs. Institution of Engineers India arranges for coaching in the evenings to help the working people. You may Approach IEI office nearest to your native place for further details. (In Hyderabad, it is in Khairatabad).
    Good evening sir. I am pursuing B.Tech final year in Civil Engineering branch. I want to do my main project in industry. Can you please suggest some industries in West Godavari and Krishna districts and the details of project in particular industry?
    Both West Godavari and Krishna districts are agriculturally rich districts. There are some good industries also. As per a survey work carried-out by MSME development Institute, Visakhapatnam, there are five industrial estates in Eluru, Bhimvaram, Tanuku & Palkol towns in WG district, more than 3600 registered industrial units, of which majority of them are micro and small units. Major industries in this area are in sugar, textile, and mines industries. There are nearly 50 large industries which are in the areas of paper, sugar, pesticides, food processing . NCL Industries, AP Sugars Ltd, Niazam Sugars are some of the industries.
    Krishna District has a dozen of industrial estates developed by APIIC. In Vijayawada, Gudiwada, Machilipatnam, Jaggaiahpet, Nuzivid, Challapalli, Kanuru, Surampalli. Major industries include Sugar unit of KCP Cements, Railway Wagon Workshop in Ibrhimpatnam, AP Heavy Machinery Engineering, Eastern Granites, Godrej Agrovet, SDV Steels, SHV Energy Lanco Power, HPCL and BPCL bottling units to name a few.
    What you can do for civil engineering is to take up a surveying based projects in these major industries. One more project probably you may explore is the land utilization aspects of the industrial zones by approaching APIIC or MSME etc. A B.Tech level project should be able to be completed in nearly three months duration. You may take-up a project work and continue even after your B.Tech is completed, submitting a part of that project for B.Tech purposes.
    Dear sir.. I am pursuing B.Tech final year in CSE. I want to do project on Android platform. My friends are advising to do on JAVA. Which project do you suggest me to do so that I can get a job in MNC?
    Jobs are not offered based on knowledge in one subject only. All professionally managed Organizations give very high degree of importance to attitude in addition to the subject knowledge while recruiting fresh graduates. Coming to the choice of platform for your project, you need to have java knowledge even to do the project on ANDROID. It is a very good platform since it gives you skill to develop APPS that run faster but require less memory. Moreover, the number of mobile phones out numbers the number of computers. Also, Internet facility is not reliably available in the rural areas. Hence developing applications for mobiles has acquired significance as also the job opportunities. You may do project in ANDROID. Do consider these advices.
    a) Identify a good institute/ organization that really gives proper inputs to you.
    b) Identify a feature that you probably wanted to have in a smart phone.
    When you do this project in real time, the developed app can be uploaded to YOUTUBE and you may start earning also. Success in a project is measure not by how big a problem you have handled but how simply a solution you have developed.
    Dear sir good aftrernoon. I have completed in 2012. I want to become lecturer in Mathes. Please give details.
    The minimum prescribed qualification for a Maths lecturer post in any of the colleges is M.Sc in Maths or any of the basic maths disciplines like statistics, Operations Research, etc., and you should be NET/ SET qualified. Ph.D is the most preferred qualification. However, there a good demand for engineering candidates who can teach mathematics in corporate schools like FITJEE, IIT Coaching centres and the remuneration is also highly attractive. If you have interest in these, you may approach the respective schools. You may also undergo a one year course in Diploma in Mathematics offered by Distance education centre, Osmania University.
    Sir I am doing M.Tech Digital Image Processing. I wanted to know future of this stream. Which companies recruits M.Tech digital image processing students?
    Tremendous opportunities exist for candidates with good knowledge in digital image processing. This interdisciplinary specialization offers career options in both R&D as well as applications areas. Jobs exist in such highly potential areas as watermarking, Intellectual Property Rights & Watermarking, Copy Right Protections, Information Security Analysis & Applications, Mathematical Morphology, Satellites, Wavelet theory, Neural Networks. Almost all the sectors require specialists in this discipline. Some of the top recruiters include Microsoft, Siemens, Ocwen Financial Corporation, Adobe, Samsung, Honeywell, Amazon, Bosch, Semiconductor Products, LG Soft India. ISRO and Defense labs are one of the largest recruiters of Image Processing specialists. Perform well at the course and chalk-out a bright future for you. Remember, where you come from does not matter as long as you can perform.
    Hello sir. I completed my in 2013. I want to do VLSI chip designing course in Hyd or Bangalore. Please give me the details of best institutes in Hyderabad or Bangalore?
    Future will be good if you do well and from an institution that can offer you the best of the inputs... Here are some institutions that offer this course.
    a) C-DAC (,
    b) Indian Institute of VLSI Design and Training, Bangalore (
    c) Maven Silicon, Bangalore (
    d) CEDTI, NIT Campus, Calicut (