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            Ch. Venkata Rajam

           Associate Professor

              Mech.Engg, KITE

         B.E/B.Tech. Course in Mechanical Engineering consists of interdependent subjects. Most of the core subjects of the course are interdependent. Therefore, to understand the subject it is necessary to have good fundamental knowledge in the corresponding and relevant prerequisite subjects. The following diagram shows interdependence of these subjects.

             The following subjects are also important for gaining knowledge in Mechanical Engineering, which is useful to perform well in the competitive examinations. Many universities offer these subjects as either compulsory or open electives. There is interdependence among these subjects and also the same with above subjects mentioned in the chart.

    Develop new strategies based on need

             As said by Antoine de Saint Exupéry “A goal without a plan is just a wish”. Planning plays the most important role in every student’s life.  Right planning with proper guidance yields the best results. The mast important factor for the student is to understand the basics. The stronger the basics the faster is the learning curve. Then comes the importance of applying the basics to various Aconcepts.