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  •      Electricity is important in our daily lives. A vast number of machines which are invented now a day’s cannot be operated without it. As a matter of fact, electricity is used mostly in four main areas: industry, transportation, media and public health.

    Industry: Thanks to the invention of electricity, a lot of equipment has been invented including computers, subways, bulbs etc. Electricity is the crucial factor in operating most devices. As a matter of fact, we now lighten our lives with electricity, which is inexpensive and friendly-environment. Moreover, electricity has given birth to assembly line, which means everything is produced by machines precisely and constantly, saving us a great amount of time and money.

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    A Plan to Achieve the Goal !

    eciding to pursue a professional course is an important step in a student?s life. It implies that one has resolved to contribute to the technological growth of the nation in addition to carving out a plan for personal growth in life. Engineering education with all its charm, respect and dignity added with the prospects of early settlement in life, is the most favored professional education.
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