Associate Analytics


  • Unit I

    Introduction to Analytics and R programming (NOS 2101)

    Introduction to R, RStudio (GUI): R Windows Environment, introduction to various data types, Numeric, Character, date, data frame, array, matrix etc., Reading Datasets, Working with different file types .txt,.csv etc. Outliers, Combining Datasets, R Functions and loops.

    Manage your work to meet requirements (NOS 9001)

    Understanding Learning objectives, Introduction to work & meeting requirements, Time Management, Work management & prioritization, Quality & Standards Adherence,

    Unit II

    Summarizing Data & Revisiting Probability (NOS 2101)

    Summary Statistics - Summarizing data with R, Probability, Expected, Random, Bivariate Random variables, Probability distribution. Central Limit Theorem etc.

    Work effectively with Colleagues (NOS 9002)

    Introduction to work effectively, Team Work, Professionalism, Effective Communication skills, etc.

    Unit III

    SQL using R Introduction to NoSQL, Connecting R to NoSQL databases. Excel and R integration with R connector.

    Unit IV

    Correlation and Regression Analysis (NOS 9001)

    Regression Analysis, Assumptions of OLS Regression, Regression Modelling. Correlation, ANOVA, Forecasting, Heteroscedasticity, Autocorrelation, Introduction to Multiple Regression etc.

    Unit V

    Understand the Verticals - Engineering, Financial and others (NOS 9002)

    Understanding systems viz. Engineering Design, Manufacturing, Smart Utilities, Production lines, Automotive, Technology etc.

    Understanding Business problems related to various businesses

    Requirements Gathering

    Gathering all the data related to Business objective


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Soft Skills

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